Thursday, July 24, 2014

16. Jarosław Rokicki - a conman from Lincolnshire who likes to pay by fake checks...czyli "Historia Czarnego Krawca z Lincolnshire, króry kroił frajerów płacąc gumowymi czekami".....

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Criminals sometimes try to escape from justice..

..this is a story about one man

who almost got away with that..




E36 1990


 Jarosław Rokicki....a polish criminal from Chicago...
known by paying his bills by fake checks from accounts which don't even exist.....


Now, he pretends to be an astrolog an he offers services in this field...

Anyone who had similar experience is more than welcome to file Consumer Fraud Report with Lisa Madigan Office... here is the link:

or to file a complaint with Department of Financial and Professional Regulation,

the link is below:



Regardless, he is a heavy addicted alcoholic, for many years in conspiracy with Monika A. Kwapień he was running a succesfull criminal enterprise operating In Mundelein, Mettawa and Lincolnshire IL. 

The schema was very simple. To obtain a loan using falsified documents and to never pay the loan back....

Ms. Monika A. Kwapień was smart enough to fly out the country with her parents to avoid the prosecution.

Most likely she lives in Poland right now

with her parents who are also involvedin similar criminal activity during the stay in US.

Anuone who knows the whereabouts of these criminals is requsted to contact the local FBI Office.


We strongly encourage everyone who has knowledge about any currently ongoing criminal activity of
Mr. Jarosław Rokicki to make a report to the FBI Office in Chicago, FBI Hot Line as well
as to make a post on our web site to make aware the potential victims.



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